Standing By Your Presence

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Standing By Your Presence

The Tube of Light and Purifying Flame, A Higher Attainment now| Clothing yourself in feelings of Courage, Strength, Happiness & Energy of Your Presence | Becoming Blazing Suns of Light – A Higher Radiation to bless the world| Silencing all discord and in harmony – enjoying the stillness of your feeling world | Turning the Great Golden Key – Happiness within your feelings | Your Home – A Sacred Alter of God in Action| Achieving stillness – Letting Your Presence flood forth| How to receive the greater powers of your Presence | Discouragement shuts the door to your Presence | Your Presence loves the Great Joy of Achievement | Calling to your Presence – Unleashing Its Unlimited Power and Perfection | Attaining Self Control for your Presence | 3 Gifts from Great Master Germain, Jesus and Mary to help you Stand by Your Presence | Connecting to the Heart Essence of Unlimited Light, Love, Powers and Perfection | A new Meditation – Resting in the Hearts Love Flame . ~ Vancouver 2006

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