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The Essentials! Experience Fulfillment Now! – Part One

The Fundamentals for Self Realization | Daily Remembering of what is essential to our hopes and dreams | The Power of Qualification, Continuity and Momentum | Identifying and embracing 3 Step Formulas that works | Initiating your own Cycles and Beginnings |The thinking nature of the Light Minded |The feeling nature of the Love Hearted |Breaking the chains of perceptual limiting realities |When light and love reunites within your consciousness |Neutralize and Nullify the energy of limiting appearances |How to constantly nurture your Field of Dreams |The restored driving force of will and passion to achieve |Shedding mistaken identities and embracing our true self |Stirring more Enthusiasm, Confidence and Faith in yourself |The Sacred Fire, the Magic Presence and the Light and Sound Rays to assist |The Language of Light and Its Divine Counterpart, the Language of Love. ~ Calgary 2008

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