An Act of Compassion!

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An Act of Compassion! An Act of Healing!

It is indeed a wonderful Act of Compassion to heal our Life, our Journey, both for our selves and for others. Each of us are unique, each of us has lived a life journey that is so unique to who we are, and each of us has a wonderful story to tell that will benefit others.

Master Jesus: If you desire to turn your attention to me, ask me to raise you above the limitations of this world, raise you up above your own human creations, and you are willing to live accordingly, I will respond and fulfill your hearts desire.

Mother Mary: As Mother of Jesus, and an Ascended Mother Presence, I have the Power to reach deeper into your feeling side of life and place there my own Life Flame Healing Presence, if you call unto me to help you.

Mother Akasha: If you truly wish to know the Grace of Willingness, how it can heal and change your life, as an Act of Grace, if you call unto me, I can flood your Feeling side of life with the Ascended Masters Feeling of Willingness.

Master Asun: To be Extraordinary and Exceptional, your life an Expression of Excellence, if you sincerely ask me to help you, I will do so.

Goddess of Purity: As your new Ascended Master Elect, if you call upon me, I will place my Electronic Jewel of Purity into your minds and feelings. The benefits will be immediate and obvious.

~ Edmonton 2017

2 CD Set

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