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Second Annual Ascended Masters Earth Council – The Ascended Master Realms Open!
A time we have long awaited has arrived. | Friday Evening Prayers to the Presence honoring the opening to the Higher Realms | Saturday, the Gates to the Ascended Master Realms are completely open | Lord Melchizedek greets us to explain what this means to all of us | The Queen of Light enters into our Consciousness to help us receive the greater Light | Elohim Arcturus and Purity offer Their Sacred Fire’s Purifying Presence | If consciousness of man rebels against the great outpouring of Light… | Great Master Germain speaks on the current political processes that must change | The God of Gold addresses the collapse and renewal of models of money and supply | Emanuel: Only the Sacred Fire can stop the menacing activities of war | Beloved Helios: Ascended Master Intervention over all nuclear technology | The Goddess of Peace and Goddess of Harmony increase their powers in the hearts of all | Beloved Asun uses His Authority: Thus far and no further! | We must help to build Sacred Fire Shields over all that is constructive and our nations | A new conscious relationship with the I AM God Presence, and Ascended and Angelic Host | And much, much more! ~ Salt Lake City 2012

2 CD Set