Philosophy of Intentioning 1

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Philosophy of Intentioning 1

Creating positive life experiences |Identifying 12 qualities that have been your past personal experience of the last 3 years | Choosing 12 qualities that create new experiences for the next 5 years | Purifying Flame Feeling of instantaneous manifestation | Transformation of the 7 Pillars of the Diamond Heart into 7 Sacred Vases | Life is inexhaustible…a deeper meaning and use |Building bridges from present understandings to new understandings | A glimpse of objectivism and its tenets | Kindness and Gratitude, Courage and Wisdom, Hallmarks of Self Determination | Great Central Sun’s Angels of the Immortal Flame of Cosmic Christ Love | Opening the floodgates to the Divine Intelligent Energy of your Presence |Using the Divine Feminine Presence of the Heart | Divine Intentions, Higher Purpose Intentions | Becoming resolute, higher use of personal will | Becoming a potent director of your limitless energy. ~ Vancouver 2008

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