Balancing Personal and Spiritual Empowerment

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Balancing Personal and Spiritual Empowerment

Mother Akasha and Master Asun welcome you to their weekend of Personal and Spiritual Empowerment. Their Special Guests include Beloved Leto, the Master El Morya, Lord Kuthumi, and the Goddesses Peace, Purity, Harmony. Topics covered this weekend include:

  • Being clear on our Higher Purpose and Destiny
  • Becoming Host to the Divine Plan our Presence has for each of us
  • Making our Mind and Feelings an Open Door to Higher Consciousness
  • Making sure we are Divinely Guided in everything we do
  • How Personal and Spiritual Empowerment come together
  • Identifying ways of living: ‘I say Yes to Life!’
  • Demonstrating the Power of Intention, Qualification, and Momentum
  • How the Presence works with our thoughts and feelings
  • Aligning our Objectives, Field of Dreams, and Goals with Divine Will

~ Edmonton 2016

2 CD Set


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