Our Divine Self 2

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Our Divine Self 2

Becoming an Open Door for your Beloved Mighty I AM God Presence | America, the Heart of the Planet, India, the Head of the Planet | Becoming one with the Cave of Light in India | Uniting the Heart Flame with the Head Flames, the Seven Flames of Elohim | The Inner Activity of the Cosmic Light Substance | Victory and the Illumination of all you need to know | Feel the actual Sacred Fire of Ascended Masters Presence of Victory | What the Sacred Flame in your own Heart can do for you | Listening to the Golden Voice in your heart from your own Presence | The Inner Flames’ complete command of the outer self | The Cosmic Light Substance from the Great Central Sun | The Electronic Force within Mountain Ranges that gives you Invincible Strength | Absorbing the Qualities of an Ascended Masters Presence and Luminosity | Embracing the Sacred Fire All Christ Solution to all problems | The Sacred Fire Control of everything by the Fiery Christ Higher Mental Body | The Love of the Great Central Sun Magnet in you | The Protecting Radiance of your Presence and Ascended Master Love | Peace, Balance and Master Control of all that you contact | The Resurrection and the Life of America and India’s Freedom | The Power of the Silence, to make your word’s Golden | Your Scepter of Power in your use of the Violet Consuming Flame | Compelling your feelings to become your obedient servants | The Inner Release of Light Substance into the Points of Light in all your cells | Understanding the Tube of Light from your Presence | Harmony, the Cosmic Law of Balance, Wisdom, Power and Love | I AM the Flame of God’s Heart, Its Miracles manifesting blessings to the world | The Creative words ‘I AM’…Twin Cups | When your Voice carries and transmits the Golden Qualities of Love | Welcoming the Light of Love in full Embrace and Expression | Stand by your decrees | The Unlimited Love of His Luminous Presence…the Master Jesus | In me, through me, and as me, Mighty I AM | Acceptance, Qualification, Visualization, Desire, Decree, Momentum & Manifestation | The Violet Soul’s Initiation…Joy to the World | The Visible Tangible Presence of an Angel and an Ascended Master | Seven Sacred Covenants to Self, your awareness and fulfillment | The Great Goddess of Peace and Her gift to you | Our Beloved Akasha, Goddess of the Rose Pink Ray Authority to Life. ~Saskatoon 2008

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