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Birthing The Star Matrix 2

A Workshop with Akasha and Asun

The Star Matrix, the Sacred Hologram of Christ Consciousness | Light Patterning the Star of David around our Earthly Selves | Metatron’s Cube, beginning steps to working with this Frequency | More Christ Current for our Light Bodies | Activating our Soul Star above the Crown Matrix of the human brain | Increasing Patterns of Perfection in the Pineal and Pituitary Glands | Birthing the Electronic Matrix within the brain | Raising Cosmic Light Patterning within the brain | The end of the altered ego’s perceptual mind | The Re-birth of our whole conceptual mind | Preparations for birthing a Star out of our Inner Flame | A Golden Sun’s Presence forms within during Mary’s Ascension Anniversary, August | Light Patterning our Physical Garment to receive directly from our Higher Mental Body. ~ Mount Shasta 2009

1 CD