Seven Sacred Oracles

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The Seven Sacred Oracles

This workshop takes you on a powerful journey and offers one blessing after the other as you are taken seven times to Shamballa, the City of Light over the Sahara Dessert. Held in the loving embrace of our Beloved Akasha and Asun you receive mighty gifts from the Elohim, Archangel, Chohan and Goddess of each Ray.  Discover the overseeing Ascended Master for each Ray and Their importance, and receive Their wonderful Blessings. The discourses bring new information and deeper insight to these Great Rays; and along with the activations prepare for the Christ Self to step into our Earthly Garment. The celestial music of Paul Armitage sets the energy and space for each of us to integrate this material. We are grateful to Paul for his supportive use of his heart and soul music that touches our lives in a magnificent way. ~ Vancouver 2007

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