Christ Consciousness 1

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Christ Consciousness 1

Chapter #1. Shepherds of the Sacred Fire | Piercing all veils of separation | Meditations to nurture the Tree of Life within your Consciousness | Miracles, Healing, and Transforming limitations and appearances | In-depth discourses on the Nature of Healing | Creating an environment for Miracles to occur | Preparing our Garment to become a Temple of the Most High | Akasha opens the way for the Healing Presence of the Seamless Garment | Hands on Healing, Long Distant Healing | The I AM God Presence takes up the Earthly Garment revealing It’s Miracle Presence | Transforming your Garment into a Temple of Divine Love | The Ascended Jesus Christ speaks into the early days of Resurrection | The Ascended Host will join Akasha and Asun during these magical weekends | The Rose Pink Flames of Divine Love embrace, nurture and protect the Christ Mind | Becoming an Instrument for the I AM God Presence to do It’s perfect work through you | Demonstrations of The I AM God Presence through the Messengers begins | Individual and Collective Healing and Transformation will be offered. ~ Edmonton 2010

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