CHRIST Consciousness – Vol.1

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CHRIST Consciousness – Vol.1

Welcome to our Christ Consciousness Series of Meditations. All of our Meditations are unique approaches to making contact with our Higher Divine Nature. In our Meditations, expectation and intention are important aspects of how we enter these Sacred Spaces. In this case, a series of Meditations to align with Christ Consciousness. Our inner thoughts before we enter the Silence are like Search Lights seeking to help us contact that which we have placed our attention upon. Once we arrive in the Sacred Silence, Beings of Light attend to us to assist us to be the Instrument as Christ Consciousness begins to flow down through us. These Meditations are another powerful activity of Resurrection.

1. Mother Akasha – Introduction – 21:56
2. Christ Consciousness Meditation – 16:44
3. Christ Consciousness Meditation – 21:02
4. Christ Consciousness Meditation – 9:13
5. Christ Consciousness Meditation – 14:16
6. Christ Consciousness Meditation – 14:48

1 CD – Total Run Time: 1hr 38mins

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