Christmas with the Masters 6

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Christmas with the Buddha and the First Family

As the Sacred Four Activities of the Rose Presence, the Magdalene Force, the Christ Consciousness, and the Buddha Heart increases in each of us, the old limited human consciousness begins to fade away and the human ego makes no further appearance. Merry Christmas Beloveds! Topics the Masters will cover include:

Our Special Ascended Master Guests include: Master Jesus, Mother Mary, Mighty Victory, Princess Mary, Lord Asun, Mother Akasha and the Lord Buddha.

  • Increasing the Rose, the Magdalene, the Christ, and the Buddha in us
  • The ego ends its influence
  • How the ego resumes its role as Master Librarian of our Intellect
  • How the Buddha will lead the way with Victory and Magdalene Force
  • Master Jesus on the Sacred days between His Resurrection and Ascension
  • A new Tenderness of the Four Activities will grow in us
  • These are the Preparations for the Messiah Consciousness

~ Vancouver 2019

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