Frontiers of Consciousness – Pt.3

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For the natural unfolding of this Journey, we will discern new ways to move deeply into the centre of our consciousness and from there, upwards into ongoing higher states of consciousness…

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Welcome Beloved Magdalene Roses, to our continued studies of the Nature of Consciousness. This weekend we come to understand Consciousness with a new expanded comprehension and how our mind and our heart feeling side of life opens to experience this expansion in a very practical and beneficial manner.

Consciousness as sentience and our awareness of internal and external existence | First, understanding the present human state of consciousness | Consciousness includes functional awareness and response, inner subjective experience, and self-conscious awareness | The mystical experience of consciousness | How the brain is responsible for the creation of our conscious abilities | Spiritual consciousness, becoming conscious of our soul and divine nature | What are the benefits of achieving higher states of consciousness | Means to achieve higher states of consciousness | How does enlightenment occur in our mind | What role does the love generated by our heart play.

Our Ascended Master Guests include: Mother Akasha, Father Asun, Lady Leto, Lord Maitreya, The Christ, the Buddha Presence, Lord Melchizedek, Queen of Light, Master Germain, and Goddess of Light.

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