Frontiers of Consciousness – Pt.2

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For the natural unfolding of this Journey, we will discern new ways to move deeply into the centre of our consciousness and from there, upwards into ongoing higher states of consciousness…

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Welcome Beloved Rose Hearts to Mother Akasha’s new Weekend Event Series. As Initiates, Adepts and Pioneers of Higher States of Consciousness, Mother Akasha and Her Ascended Master Guests study our current phase of Spiritual Awakening and the pre-requisites that are ahead of us to go beyond the presently known Frontier of Consciousness, the Journey to Christ Consciousness. Reviewing known phases of Spiritual Awakening to be completed • From Spiritual Awakening to Spiritual Enlightenment, the Pre-requisites • Dismantling of human belief systems, Completing the healing activities • Spiritual dimensional Self becomes involved, Role of our Higher Mind and Soul • The Process of becoming an empty cup, Approaching the Eternal Wellspring • The letting go and surrendering process, Remorse a moment of empowerment … and much more Special Guests: Father Asun, Lady Leto, Master Germain, Lord Kuthumi, the Goddess of Peace and the Goddess of Venus.

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