Goddess of Hope

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Goddess of Hope always works with the Goddess of Faith and Goddess Charity in a trinity.

They will release their Ascended Master qualities of Hope, Faith and Charity as an “activity of the feeling of Light”. That gives you the feeling of Light, feeling of safety, feeling of security, and feeling of the actual raising activity of Resurrection.

The Goddess of Hope’s own gift to life gives us the Flame of Hope. This flame brings to us the influence of the Great Central Sun’s Magnet’s Presence which when called forth produces desire; desire to be raised into the greater where all the freedom you could possibly ever dream of may be lived, known, experienced and manifest unto you.

As you call upon that Flame of Hope, remind yourself:

“This is the Great Central Sun’s Magnet’s Presence and I ask Goddess of Hope to join with me in anchoring her Eternal Flame of Hope within my feeling side of life that gives me the Great Central Sun’s Magnet’s Presence whose influence in me produces much greater desire.”

It is in that greater desire that comes to you the actual lifting activity that lifts you up and out of every limitation that has ever touched your life.

Size 8.5×11 and 5×7.  Artist: Gayliaa

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