Hallmarks of a Life Well Lived 1

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Hallmarks of a Life Well Lived – Part One

Don’t wait! Live your life powerfully now | Live a life of Divine Service, help everyone | You are limited by nothing | Be remarkable in everything you do and live | Kindness & Caring, Courage & Illumination…Hallmarks | Make now the most exciting time to live | Be grateful and open the door to abundance | Seek the Wisdom of a Wise Owl that lives in your Heart | Create bridges to new understandings | Celebrate life each day by becoming more of yourself | Tap the inexhaustible energies of your divinity | Fear not the power of commitment and change | Humility increases the power to forgive and love again | Be humble to that which is greater, that we may be lifted | Creativity, a desire to achieve | The Violet Soul Evolution through Joy. ~ Calgary 2008

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