Resurrection Healing Chamber Print

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Inside our Resurrection Healing Chamber

 8.5×11 inch Print


Beloved Mighty Presence I AM, Mother Akasha, Great Ascended and Angelic Host!

I acknowledge, accept, and invoke the active Presence of my Healing Chamber that remains with me each day. I demand and I AM the Great Central Sun’s Resurrection Healing Chamber in and around me that remains with me for Eternity!

Mighty I AM, Great Ascended and Angelic Host, Fill and Charge my Healing Chamber with your great Forgiving Miracle Love, Sacred Fire Healing Presence, and Cosmic Light Substance!

My Beloved Healing Chamber, Heal me with your Sacred Fire Love, your Sacred Fire Purity, the Sacred Fire Way! I call upon the Fiery Furnace of my Healing Chamber to maintain a Sacred Fire Presence in, through, and around me.

I demand and I AM, the Ascended Masters Heart Flames Healing that Blazes through my Healing Chamber every moment every day! I love and bless the Ascended Host.
I call upon my Resurrection Healing Chamber to release Its All Christ Sacred Fire Healing throughout my mind, my physical garment, my feeling side of life, and out into my world, all throughout my day!

As I go about my daily activities, I call upon my Healing Chamber to remain fully active, releasing Its All Christ Healing Radiation throughout my being and world! I call upon the Healing Angels to watch over my Healing Chamber. I AM so Grateful and Blest.

Almighty Christ I AM! (3)

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