Journey to Self Realization

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Journey to Self Realization

Description: Soft Cover 220 pages

Akasha and Asun’s book, released June, 2005. Akasha takes the reader on a breathtaking Journey that offers Deep Transformation and Personal Triumph in one’s Life and world. Not Everything IS, As It Seems To Be…

“You can begin now to remove the limitations or appearances that are around you. What exists in your life is the perception of what you believe is necessary, and always includes the judgments that you make against your self. Regardless of what you are doing in this world, everything is changeable, because that is the wonderful free will experience of being on the Plane Earth. if you do not like your experience, then the construction of this planet is such, that as you change your mind and hear, so will your world eventually change with you…” ~ Asun

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