Let The Force Be With You 2

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Let The Force Be With You 2

Stand and Face the Greatest Light of all and fill yourselves | The Power of the Sacred Fire | The Law of Attraction Making yourself the Great Central Sun’s Magnet Presence | Learn to fill yourself with the Force of the Divine Love, Will and Power in action | Open your Magnetic Fields of Heart, Spirit & Feelings to receive, hold and feel the Force | Qualify how the Force of Divine Light Streams of Perfection shall act in you and your world | Stand and live in the sovereignty of the Force of your own Godsource | Learn the hidden powers within the Force | Direct the powers of the Force of your Divine Self into your human self and world | Change and transform limiting appearances by directing the Force into your world | There are yet greater activities of the Force to open, receive and direct | Harness the Power of your Intention, Attention, Focus and Concentration | Master your thoughts and feelings to receive, hold and direct the Force | The Force: Omniscience, Omnipotence and Omnipresence is available to you. ~ Edmonton 2007

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