Lover’s Path to Enlightenment

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Lover’s Path to Enlightenment

Description: 342 Pages, Soft Cover.
Size 5.5×8.5 in.
ISBN 978-0-9813841-2-2 (pbk)

This book, previously published as “Ancient Wisdom Revealed” (sold out) has undergone a major transformation that has brought the original into present time. Filled with life changing messages from two Beautiful Beings of Light, named Akasha and Asun, this book will be a shining, guiding light as you navigate your path through life.

The messages in this book speak right into your heart where a wellspring of Infinite Love, Wisdom, and Power abides. Once you embody this Inner Presence of Love Divine, you can experience greater peace, harmony, and happiness that will radiate out from your being, making you more charismatic and fulfilling your heart’s desires! The “Lover’s Path to Enlightenment” can assist you to fearlessly transform your relationships, careers, finances, and more!

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