Magali and Aiwa the Whale

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Magali and Aiwa the Whale

52 Pages, Soft Cover, Perfect Bound. Size: 8.5 x 5.5 in.

Story Line: On a fishing trip with her grandfather, nine years old Magali discovers a curious rock. She will soon discover that this unique rock has special powers. Magali is about to enter into a journey which will lead her into the depth of the ocean, traveling inside a glass bridge, where quite an unusual mission awaits her.
Many sea creatures are caught in debris and fishing nets left on the ocean floor. The entangled animals are in danger and request Magali’s help. How will she attempt to liberate and save the marine life?

An inspirational children story to enlighten young readers about the power of caring, loving and taking action.

From the Author:
Dear Rose family,
Five years ago I received a prompting at the Montreal Diamond Heart Conclave to write a book dedicated to the children of the Academy. The purpose of the book was to introduce the Sacred Fire to our beautiful young ones. In the process of writing this story, I have let my Presence guide me thru the adventure of a 9 year old little girl called Magali. She will discover that she has a powerful flame that lives in her heart that can accomplish miracles if she learns how to use this wonderful tool. This book is geared towards an audience of approximately 7 to 12 years old.

In choosing the topic of this story, I wished to bring attention to the reality of what is happening inside rivers, lakes and oceans worldwide. We need to pay much attention to our water systems, if we desire to continue to enjoy the wonderful gifts they provide. My daughter is a marine biologist working at the University of Saint John’s in Newfoundland. She is actively involved in scientific studies. She has dived deep within the oceans in submarines. For many years she’s been describing to me what she witnessed inside the depth of our oceans. There is immense beauty but unfortunately much sadness. All of us, children included, can make such a difference.
I offer this story in love, light and humility.

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