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Mary Magdalene & Mighty Victory

Our first weekend event of 2019! Mother Akasha & Beloved Asun host a weekend with our Ascended Master Elect for 2018, Mighty Victory, and our new Ascended Master Elect for 2019, Beloved Mary Magdalene. We welcome your presence at this very special weekend.

  • Mary Magdalene, how She plans to serve as our new Ascended Master Elect
  • Mighty Victory will assist Mary Magdalene offering Her His Victory Flame
  • Mary Magdalene offers a Breath of Her Magdalene Force into our feelings
  • Mighty Victory extends a new Service to us as Golden Avatar
  • Mother Akasha raises Mary Magdalene to Avatar Status
  • The Akashic Field, the Magdalene Force and the Victory Flame
  • Master Asun strengthens our connection with the Christ Consciousness.

~ Vancouver 2019