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MASTERPIECE Series 2 ~ Creating our Remarkable Destiny that is our ‘Masterpiece’

Master Asun and Beloved Mary Magdalene and their Guests Master Germain and Mighty Victory welcome you to ‘Masterpiece 2’, a weekend of Personal and Spiritual Soul Empowerment. Our own life seeks to provide us with a new canvas each year creating new opportunities for continuing ‘New Life Experiences’ that becomes our Remarkable Future, our ‘Masterpiece’.

In our second Masterpiece program, Beloved Mary Magdalene brought through most of the teachings. As revealed by Mother Akasha in Her recent Tree of Life Class, regarding the Infinity Symbol, Asun and Mary Magdalene introduced the ancient art of Sacred Symbols as a way of bringing forth new experiences, manifestations, and creations into our lives. As the Masters taught, the Students came together in circles of 3 to 5 Students, and began creating their Infinity Symbols.

We quickly learned how to use our Beautiful Minds to create and upload our Infinity Symbols with meaning, intention, and outcome. The whole weekend was very interactive with the Masters and the Students interacting with each other, helping to create their Infinity Symbols. As there was much to learn in the process, as to how these Symbols disrupt limiting patterns in our lives, the Students engaged the process with so much new excitement, discovering a whole new way of experiencing changes and bringing about new manifestations and materializations into our lives.

Once again, comes an opportunity for us to continue to re-shape our lives, and living forward, design a ‘Remarkable Destiny’ that is our ‘Masterpiece’. This year, our new Canvas is shaped with many new Infinity Symbols with the intent to magically and wonderfully disrupt every limiting pattern in our lives, and reshape those patterns to experience, create, and materialize a remarkable Future exactly as we are willing to design it. This is just the beginning of discovering how ancient Symbols were intended to be used. Welcome to Masterpiece 2


~ Saskatoon 2019