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Our Mighty Christ I AM – Sacred Image

Available in different sizes. We also have this products available in business card size in a set of 15 cards per set.

Image Description: The lower portion of this Sacred Image represents your outer self; the Upper Portion represents the Individualized Presence of God, which is the Spiritual Light Body of your ‘Mighty Christ I AM Self’. The Ray of Light which descends from the Heart of your ‘Divine Self’ through the top of the head, anchoring within the heart is the Life Force, Light, Substance, Energy and Intelligence which animates your outer self.

When your attention is turned to your ‘Mighty Christ I AM Self’, this Ray of Light begins to intensify and expand within your outer self, expanding the Point of Light within every cell of the body and the process of giving Light to our physical garment begins.

The Shield of Light projected around the outer self offers Protection. The Sacred Fire passing in, through, and around the outer self purifies and heals our mind, feelings, and physical body when we daily enter into the Sacred Fire that is provided us by our Divine Self, the Ascended and Angelic Host.