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Miracle Class Collection 1 – Vol 3

Phase 2 Level 2 Miracles Feb 2009: 1-Miracle of Consciousness Removal of Fear. 2-Bridging in Consciousness to your Infinite Storehouse. 3-Ascended Master Management of Time/Space, Activities, Ascended Master Intervention. 4-5th Chamber of Heart, Removal of Struggle, Financial Freedom/Knowing.

Phase 2 Level 3 Miracles Mar 2009: 1-Miracle Awakening to the Sacred Fire (seeing perfection where imperfection seems to be). 2-Intervention to Not Judge appearances. 3-Removal of Wrong Habits of Thought/Feelings/Actions. 4-Gift of the Inner Child.

Phase 2 Level 4 Miracles Apr 2009: 1.-Whole Dazzling Mind/Whole Will. 2-A Miracle I myself Initiate and Imagine Christ Consciousness. 3-3 Ascended Masters and choosing 3 miracles. 4-23 day Christ Self culling of all Veils of Density.

Phase 2 Level 5 Miracles May 2009: 1-The gift of the Rose Pink Ray, see Pink, think Pink. 2.-Ascended Master Love into my Ascended Master Files.