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Miracle Class Collection 1 – Vol 4

Phase 2 Level 6 Miracles June 2009: 1-Claiming Innocence. 2 -Compelling Forgiveness. 3-Beloved Hercules and Beloved Helios.

Phase 2 Level 7 Miracles July 2009: 1-Disciple Peter. 2-Ascended Master Consciousness.

Phase 3 Level 1 Miracles Aug 2009: 1-Goddess of Venus, Cosmic Light Substance. 2-Sacred Journey Palatial Estate.

Phase 3 Level 2 Miracles Sept 2009: 1-Akasha – Open Door in Feeling Side of Life, Removal of Crucifixion, Akasha’s Heart Flame. 2-Asun – Dropping Down into Heart Flame for intellectual understanding to increase desire. 3-Emanuel – Heart’s Flame of Sacred Fire Love’s Miracle Manifestations of the Great Great Silence from the Great Central Sun.