Our Fountain of Youth

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Mother Akasha and Beloved Asun welcome you to our ‘Fountain of Youth’. Their Special Ascended Master Guests include Lady Nada, Master Kuthumi, Serapis Bey, Master Germain and Archangel Raphael. Topics covered this weekend will include:

Forming the Star Matrix within and around our physical bodies | Seeding the cells of our bodies with Golden Paradigm Geometries | Moving the Liquid Light of our Presence through our body | The Resurrection and the Life, our Fountain of Youth | Buffering the atmosphere around our body with the Sacred Fire | Remembering and Invoking our Spiritual Immune System | Invoking Perfection our body cells remember | Registering Higher Consciousness upon our physical forms | Rejecting racial consciousness, a golden key to setting our body free | Re-birth of our body health, youth, energy, a Holy Instant | Supplementation to support anti-viral and anti-bacterial | Exposing our body health to High Frequency Light Vibrations | Inner Joy and outer Smiles impact the Youth Factor of our body. ~ Vancouver 2015

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