Permeation of Higher Substance into form

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Permeation of Higher Substance into form

Welcome Beloved Magdalene Roses to our second Weekend Gathering of 2024. We are in a new Volume now of the Ancient Tree of Life Teachings offering unique concepts in the Art of Becoming in this amazing Journey into Higher States of Consciousness, even Christ Consciousness.

The Journey from Initiate to Adept, to Sage, successfully adopts a new understanding of ‘time and space’ interacting 100% through our Power of Attention.

In the Purity of a moment in time, we can permeate any particular substance in a new time space continuum that defies our known history of both.

In a refined moment in time we can permeate Substance within a chosen time space, to become all that we choose it to be.

Our Identity through our Personality is becoming a refined State of Consciousness through the laws of Permeation.



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