Personality, Presence, Spirit & Soul

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Personality, Presence, Spirit & Soul

The Ascended Masters Akasha and Asun offer up Spiritual Illumination and Empowerment

Your soul’s purpose is ready to unfold. Your soul’s journey to self empowerment and
enlightenment continues. Be touched by the Light within your own Heart and Mind…
The True Master dwells within each person, may that Master Presence bless you forever!
It is written… Master Know Thyself!

  • 4 Sacred Activities for expressing our true self
  • Freedom of personality from limiting beliefs
  • Developing a Radiant Personality
  • Charisma and the Power of Magnetism
  • Living our Divine Presence
  • Cultivating Spiritual Empowerment
  • Spiritual Restoration
  • Soul Initiation for Greater Wisdom
  • The Gift of our Soul for developing our Mastery
  • Sacred Fusion of Personality, Presence, Spirit and Soul
  • A new outer self for our I Am Presence

~ Mt. Shasta 2007

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