Prime Reality Meditations – Vol.1

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Prime Reality Meditations – Vol.1

Mother Akasha and the Christ teach us that beyond and under all the appearances of this world, exists love. Love that created the Powers of Nature, Love that is everywhere. This is the original Prime Reality of our Planet and all kingdoms of life, including our own state of consciousness. The duality consciousness has covered over this Prime Reality of Love. These meditations open the way to clear ourselves of perceptual realities and once again connect with the original Prime Reality of all Life.

  1. Mother Akasha – Introduction – 24:43
  2. Mother Akasha – Introduction – 28:26
  3. Prime Reality Meditation – 14:23
  4. Prime Reality Meditation – 16:02
  5. Prime Reality Meditation – 15:07
  6. Prime Reality Meditation – 12:48
  7. Prime Reality Meditation – 16:05

1 CD – Total Run Time: 2hrs 7min

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