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The Radiant Rose Soul Series ~ Now quickly we intensify all 12 Attributes of Divine Love, all throughout this year.

Obedience – to the one Law, that Law of Life being Love |Devotion – path of the Devotee, the Aspirant, the Enlightened, the Untouchable |Courage – the Presence of Extraordinary Strength, Courage and Fearlessness |Determination – Spearheads the application of Divine Will |Honour – creates the Inner Space for Honesty, Truth, Trust and Respect |Wisdom – the integration of Knowledge, Insight and Experience |Purity – through the Harmonization and Upliftment of self |Joy – a Happiness that comes about through attainment of first 7 Attributes |Desire – the Will for Self Evolution, Becoming and Creation |Consciousness – mind and awareness a window for Genius, Higher Intelligence |Power – application of Will, Purity, Force, Higher Intelligence for Intention Manifest |Manifestation – contains all Elements, cooperation with all Universal Dynamics of Creation| And much, much more! ~ Vancouver