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Sanat Kumara

Beloved Sanat Kumara, Prince of Peace, Lord of the Flames of Venus, Son of the Empress Goddess of Venus, came to the Earth 70,000 years ago. Long ago, the Goddess of Venus intercepted pleas for help from the people of Earth, and by request of the Central Sun of our Universe, Venus became Guardian of Earth. The Goddess of Venus then sent Her Son Sanat to assist us. He met with some of the People of Earth in Shamballa (a realm of Light above the Earth) to assist in creating a Divine Plan to save the Earth and her people.

Once it was determined that three great Dispensations from on high would be required to help the Earth, those being the Cosmic Light, the Sacred Fire Purity and Flames of Divine Love, Sanat was dispatched to seek out those Ones willing to come and usher in those Dispensations to Earth. He went to the Golden Shrine Galaxy, for it was determined that Beloved Emanuel, King of Kings was the brightest Light in the Universe. He was granted audience with Beloved Emanuel but was given only seven minutes to present His case. Realizing there was no time for talk, He tuned in with His Mother, the answer came, and He opened His Robe, revealing His Golden Sun’s Presence. The Light of His Inner Sun’s Presence revealed moving pictures of the plight of the people of Earth. Beloved Emanuel’s reply, I will come, set into motion thousands of years of preparation for that event. We know Emanuel today as Jesus the Christ.

For centuries Sanat served as World Teacher. Beloved Sanat Kumara was raised Ascended Master Elect in 2011. He provided great service behind the scenes and would often come through Mother Akasha’s Dispensation to give updates from the Ascended Master Realms. It was Sanat Kumara and Mother Akasha, who gave the decree, that the Guardians of the Earth now also be the Guardians of the lives of those being raised as future Untouchables. On Dec. 22, 2012 as we celebrated the incoming Seventh Golden Age, Sanat came to us and enfolded us in His Cosmic Love Supreme and to give His farewell address, as He was returning to Venus. He assured us that He would always be available to answer our calls. He has great authority in assisting us to become aware of our Higher Purpose and the Divine Plan of our Life. He is pictured here with “Goldina”, His trusted Messenger Eagle.

Available in Best Quality Photo paper ready for framing. Size 8.5 x 11 in and 5×7 in. Artist: Gayliaa