King David

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King David

Beloved King David began the bloodline for the life stream of Jesus the Christ. He was known for His Beauty and Handsomeness but not His Strength.  David had been taught to take His body into the Consciousness of God for 9 minutes, 3 times a day and had such a momentum of that activity. This is what enabled Him to be victorious over Goliath when the challenge was presented to Him. For His Victory, He was Crowned King.

Beloved King David began teaching His Son, Solomon, at the age of three, to start with God and to bow before God  and that only fools thumb their noses at such wisdom. He taught Solomon to not seek Him, Be Him. King David raised His Son to be a King and indeed, Solomon went on to inherit the throne, becoming King Solomon and the First to pass through the Door of Everything.

It was Grand Master Melchizedek who conceived the idea of David, not the personality, but the House of David as a way to pass on a Lineage of Consciousness, much the same as a bloodline is passed on from ancestors. It has been revealed that all of Mother’s Roses have had at least one lifetime in the House of David. King David has revealed that the work He is doing is with Lord Melchizedek, for the great handover of the lines of Consciousness, our Divine Inheritance. He is turning that over to all of you, that you may use those mighty achievements in all days forward. As you place your garment into the rest at night welcome to receive your Full Inheritance that is waiting for you from the House of David.


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Artist: Gayliaa

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