Mother Mary

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Mother Mary

Mother Mary changed Her appearance in the 90’s when she successfully went after the war energies. Mother Mary is Mother of Jesus the Christ, and Daughter of Grand Mother Anna. She is a great Archangel, and is Twin Flame to Archangel Raphael. She also holds the office as temporary Goddess of Earth.

For thousands of years, She presented Herself every morning before the Board of Karma to request that newborns may pass through Her Heart Flame before they enter the Earth plane, that their Karma could be removed from them. Once granted, She continued every day to request that all people may call to Her to pass through Her Heart Flame to have their Karma removed. Another of Mother Mary’s many great gifts is to extend forgiveness, and offers to remove all hurts and sufferings physically lodged within the physical heart. In 2015 She returned to the Great Central for over 3 months to meditate in the Great, Great Silence upon Her life, Jesus’ life, and then upon the life of each of Mother Akasha’s Roses to determine what She knows for each of them.

We celebrate Mother Mary’s Ascension every year on August 15th. After Jesus Ascension, She traveled to Turkey, living out her life in a humble home that remains open to visitors. A request upon Her Ascension, was that She be allowed to retain full memory of Her life on Earth, knowing that in these days it would assist in bringing Herself closer to us, by sharing those memories. She has requested that we decree that Her Son Jesus, be taken off the Cross, and that we recognize the Cross as the most sacred of all Geometries. She works on the Rose Pink Ray and Her Heart Flame is Pink and Emerald Green.

Artist: Gayliaa

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