Lord Melchizedek

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Grand Master Melchizedek

Beloved Lord Melchizedek is a former Father’s Presence of our Universe and Twin Flame to the Queen of Light. He governs Shamballa, the Great Light Realm over the Sahara Desert and from there He oversees the affairs of Earth. He also oversees all Sacred Geometries, and their return into the consciousness of the people of Earth, sometimes with the use of crop circles. He gifted the most Sacred of all Geometries, the fine Gold Cross, to begin forming above the Lantern that Beloved Jesus the Christ anchored over our Heart Flames.

The Grand Master Melchizedek gifts us His Star of Melchizedek, which enables us to contemplate the Oneness of Life. His Heart Flame is the All Christ Flame of Eternal Power and Cosmic Purity, which He imparts within us and everywhere we abide, so nothing of negativity, discord or destruction can contact us, in all our days of Resurrection.

It is Beloved Lord Melchizedek who birthed the idea of the House of David, not the personality of King David but the lineage of Consciousness, like a bloodline, to pass on as a Divine Inheritance to those who followed. He is now working with King David providing the Great Handover of this Consciousness. The Grand Master serves as the Ascended Master Chohan of the Second Tier of the Indigo Ray. He over lights many of our Conclaves. We celebrate His Ascension Anniversary on November 11th.

Artist: Gayliaa

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