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This is the image of Ascended Master Youth Beloved Pearl. She has shared that in an embodiment long ago  She was the Daughter of the Goddess Purity.  She is Twin Flame to the Ascended Master Youth Rex and Sister to Beloved Bob.

Beloved Pearl has the authority if we ask Her, to come and to reach in and to polish our Innocence at the core of our being. We may call to Her  to cast Her Pearls into the Garden of Our Consciousness, so we may know how we may be of assistance. She serves with the Ascended Master Youth Nada, Rex and Bob to over light all youth and young at heart.

Beloved Lady Leto was Their Master Teacher not long before She was raised to World Teacher. This assisted Them to move quickly through Their initiations right into Their Ascensions. It has been suggested that since They did not get to experience the Resurrection on the Earth, They Welcome being invited into our Resurrection Activities that They may have those experiences through us.

Artist: Gayliaa

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