Mary Magdalene

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Mary Magdalene

Princess Magdalene, chosen Twin Flame to Jesus the Christ. Mother Theresa in a former embodiment, was Mother of Mary Magdalene when Jesus was on the Earth. Princess Mary works upon the Indigo Ray. She was orphaned when She was 13 years old, and was known most of Her life as an outcaste. She felt it was only Mother Mary and Jesus’s love that carried Her through. The Gift of Her Soul given to Her in Her creation by Mother Akasha, is Sheer Determination.  She was Mother Theresa’s Ascended Master Sponsor and strengthened Her with that quality of “Sheer Determination” in Her life. Upon the request of Jesus the Christ, She successfully amplified the etheric records of His Ministry, so you could connect with those energies that could help you in your own Resurrection.

Princess Mary has been raised, the 25th Goddess, which also means that She is the 12 + 1 of the Second Tier of Goddesses. Her Office is the Goddess of Sheer Determination. She is confident that if you search yourself with absolute honesty and innocence, you will find those moments in you own life when you have felt an outcaste, as Jesus also felt at times, during His life on Earth. She has promised to come to all students in Mother’s Academy and if She sees in your feeling side of life any memory of being an outcaste, and if you allow Her, She will wash that energy clean and then go out into the world to assist others through your lives. She is now over lighting organizations that give food and warmth and is beginning with “The Salvation Army”.  She gifts you Her Sovereignty and Eternal Innocence and can dissolve away all feelings of blame and guilt.  Her Heart Flame is Indigo and Violet and She achieved Her Ascension July 22, 72AD.

Artist: Gayliaa

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