Goddess of Unity

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Goddess of Unity

Beloved Goddess of Unity, whose name is also Goddess Rose, Goddess of the Elements, will blaze Her Sacred Fire Rose Flame of Divine Love through the elements of our bodies and free our bodies of all density and all that does not belong in our physical temples if we call upon Her. Ask the Goddess of Unity to Free the elementals of your body of all lost will and discordant qualities so the elements of our physical bodies may register and express our higher Christ Consciousness. The Goddess of Unity assists you to unify the Mind and the Heart, to be One Mind, One Heart.

The Goddess of Unity will over-light all awakening Souls on Earth to Unite once again with their Divinity and help us to fulfill our Higher Purpose, Destiny and the Divine Plan our Presence has for each of us.

Available in Best Quality Photo paper ready for framing.
Artist: Gayliaa

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