Goddess of Charity

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Goddess of Charity

Beloved Goddess of Charity, also known as Joy, is the 13th Goddess or the 12+1. She carries the attributes and qualities of all Twelve Goddesses and is the Goddess of Charity to the entire Universe. What is Cosmic Charity? It is the great expansion of Love and Aspiration within you to be so charitable, to give the Light, to send the Light wherever it is required. She often works together with the Goddess of Faith and Goddess of Hope.

She has offered with Her Twelve Sisters the Final Covenant of the Heart that can only be given by those who represent the Mother’s Presence. The Goddess of Charity has inspired a Call to Action that all women be treated equal to men and this was expanded to include all women, in all Nations of our Planet Earth.

Beloved Goddess of Charity is the Ascended Master Chohan of the Crystal White Ray. Along with Serapis Bey, the Goddess of Charity is the Guardian of New Zealand, Australia, and the thousand of Island Nations of Asia. The Great Archangel Chamuel is Her Twin Flame.

Available in Best Quality Photo paper ready for framing. Size 8.5×11 & 5×7 in.
Artist: Gayliaa

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