Goddess of Courage

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Goddess of Courage

Beloved Goddess of Courage is the Lioness. The golden goblet represents the Holy Grail, the Magic Presence and the Path of Resurrection. She is the Lion Hearted One and comes from a long lineage, beyond the 13 Goddesses who are waiting to step forward. She is the Electrifying Blue Ray from the same house as El Morya, Goddess Liberty and Archangel Michael.

This Goddess has Electrifying Courage, which is the essence of the unified fields of Light and Love, held in the luminosity that expresses through Her Soul’s Gift to Life. She has tremendous Gaiety, Happiness and Confidence and truly knows who She is.

The Lioness with the Lion Heart has such an electrifying Presence that she could stand over a city and provide 10 million people with all the electricity that city would require, which She has the ability to send from Her Heart. Call upon Her and invite Her Electrifying Courage into your Heart in order to have the tremendous Courage that it takes to face the Light and be the Light.

Size 8.5×11 and 5×7.  Artist: Gayliaa

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