Goddess of Light

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Goddess of Light

Beloved Goddess of Light is the Daughter of the Queen of Light. Her Ascended Master Retreat is over Arabia. She is a Master of Mental Telepathy and encourages you to work with Her if this is a quality that you wish to strengthen in yourself.

It was Her last embodiment in Peru in the 4th Golden Age that came the inspiration for the children’s fairy tale, Rapunzel. In an unguarded moment in the outer world, She was instantly seized by dark magicians, who kept Her imprisoned in a tower for many years. Goddess of Light always completed Her decrees for Her Freedom by calling out that She would be freed by the Cosmic Law’s Victorious Action of the Sacred Fire that knows no failure. She kept Her Faith and after many years, it was Lord Sanat Kumara who took Her to Her Freedom, saying it was the Light that sustained Her.

Goddess of Light knows well what it is like to lose your Freedom and encourages you to never let your guard down in the outer world. She overlights all those imprisoned within who seek to discover their own Light. It was She, who went to Peter the Pan to assist Him when He was grieving the loss of Life on Earth and revealed to Him that the Untouchables were coming, to restore Perfection to the Earth. Recognizing the truth, He rose up and out of His internal prison of sadness freed by the Light of God that Never Fails.

From Her Temple on the belts of the Physical Sun She oversees a Triune Activity with the Queen of Light and Emanuel, directing Light Rays from Emanuel’s Retreat in Arabia and the belts around the Physical Sun. She explained that Her Cosmic Light Substance is Sheets of Light that can penetrate our Feeling Side of Life. Goddess of Light has suggested that you call to Her to charge your physical, mental and feeling side of life with Her Cosmic Light Substance of White Fire to dissolve and consume all negative or limiting thoughts or feelings.

Artist: Gayliaa

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