Lady Electra

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Lady Electra

Lady Electra is the Great Grandmother of the House of India and serves from the Infinite Palace of Light hidden within this great Nation.  She is a great Avatar and equal in stature to the Lord Maitreya.

Lady Electra, Mother Meta, and Mother Akasha have been the three-fold activity involved in creating the Palace of Light in India. She served as Grandmother to the Great Master Germain in one of Her embodiments. She comes to initiate within each of us the necessity to generate Divine Love as a substance within our emotional body.

Electra comes to awaken the Electronic Patterning of our physical bodies so that our bodies can transmit the Love of our Presence through our physical Temples. Call upon Lady Electra to visit you while you are sleeping to activate the great Electronic Patterning of your body.

Artist: Gayliaa

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