Seven Sacred Weeks Outpouring of Light

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Seven Sacred Weeks Outpouring of Light

Description: 120 pages – Second Edition!!!!

The Seven Weeks Outpouring of Light is a Radiation governed by a mighty Divine Dispensation, and granted to the Earth from the Ascended Master Realms as overseen by the Director Logos, who is the great Cosmic Being governing our System of Worlds.

For Seven Weeks and 49 consecutive days we are offered a glorious opportunity to come together to receive Divine Intervention from the Ascended and Angelic Host. These are the greatest concentrated time periods each year where Mighty Love Rays and Gifts are available from an Ascended Master or group of Cosmic Beings, such as the Eloheim, each day.

Of all the cycles, and of all the open windows that allow an infusion of great Light Rays upon the Planet, these Seven Weeks, twice a year, are the most important cycles now. They are the longest cycles in which great Cosmic Light Rays are allowed to sweep the atmosphere of the Earth and enter into the mental and feeling side of Life regardless of whether individuals are awakened or not.

During these 49 days of the ‘Outpouring of Light’, which occurs twice a year, this book can help you to consciously connect with the Ascended Master of the day, and receive the great outpouring of the Masters’ Blessings.


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