Vitamin C – Excell C

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Excell C  (Sodium Ascorbate) –  200Grams

Enhanced with Ribose, suitable for high dosing; Enhanced absorption; Buffered (non-acidic); No stomach upset.

Sodium Ascorbate is a ribose enhanced buffered form of vitamin C. Ribose ensures increased absorption through both the sodium-potassium and ribose pentrose phosphate pathways for uptake of vitamin C into the cells.

The benefits of sodium ascorbate include broad spectrum application for immune and antioxidant support, while not upsetting the stomach or causing acidic urine or kidney stones. In addition, vitamin C is essential for collagen production, wound healing, development and maintenance of bones and cartilage, anti-aging and stress, cardiovascular health, eye health, reducing histamine levels in allergic reactions, and for healthy mouth, gums and teeth.

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