The Christ Covenant

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Connect with the Ascended Family from the Cave of Light in India.

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The Christ Covenant

Our Higher Christ Self and our Soul meet each other within the higher aspect of our Individualized Consciousness; the Journey of Soul Christ Emergence begins. The Christ begins the unfoldment of Its Covenants with our outer lives on Earth. The Christ invites us to renew and refresh our understanding of “I AM”.

  • The Christ Soul Sovereign Aspects of ourselves meet
  • Christ Soul Emergence begins
  • Meditations and Solfeggio to embody our Christ Soul Emergence
  • With Greater Illumination now, a time to renew our understanding
  • Who AM I? Spiritual Entity with a physical body and Mind!
  • Where AM I? The realm of the Physical Relativity
  • We move from Spiritual Realm of Absoluteness to Physical realm of Relativity
  • Then on to realm of pure beingness merging spiritual and physical
  • The Triangulated intended Journey of the Soul, repeats itself several times
  • Thus we experience ourselves as Individualizations of our Divinity
  • Our Divinity then knows itself in, as, and through each of us … And much more.

Our Special Guests include Mother Akasha, Father Asun, The Christ, Queen of Light, Lord Melchizedek, Lady Nada, Lord Maitreya, Goddess Rose, Mighty Victory, Master Germain.

~ Vancouver 2022

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