The Great Awakening – Pt.3

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The Great Awakening has begun!

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The Great Awakening – Pt.3

Our Weekend Series “The Great Awakening”, Part Three continues with Master Germain, Lord Buddha, Mother Akasha, Papa Asun, the Director Logos, Lady Nada, Mighty Victory and Mother Mary.

  • Creating High Vibrational Energy Fields around yourself
  • Plans of the Cabal and Illuminati become more clear
  • Protected Sensitivity of The Untouchables
  • A new Magnetic Field from Mother Akasha
  • We come now a Benevolent Force in your Life
  • Embrace now the Law of Redemption that your Path becomes clear
  • How to project your God Presence in all directions as you go on about your day
  • Let the Noble Spiritual Beings that you truly are now arise
  • Potential enormous changes to world currencies and digital currencies
  • We must support the ‘Truth Sayers’ anointed to reveal what has been hidden
  • Supporting ways to increase your receptivity to ‘Intuitions’
  • The take down of the world ‘illuminati and cabal’ has begun
  • We come to help you to Harness your Spiritual Power now \
  • Needed Preparations now for uncertain futures . Creating your own Forcefield of Christ Energy.

~ Vancouver 2020

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