The Princess Tales: the Coronation

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The Princess Tales: The Coronation

“Once Upon A Time… The Great Tribe of The Ancient Storytellers… had a grand event called the Great Princess Coronation

Two by two, the guests arrived from far and wide to witness this sacred event. Tribes from distant star systems and deep within the land, the elemental beings and the mighty Gods of the land and water, that normally stayed hidden, came to the surface to see the grand event.

The Mighty Chief, The Great Golden Storyteller, who was known far and wide for telling The Greatest Story Every Told… was transferring his Golden Sunflower Crown to the beautiful young princess. This would allow her to become the next Mighty Storyteller in the Golden Kingdom and tell the next chapter of the story…. one fit for a princess to tell… The Greatest LOVE Story Every Told.”

(Artists: Rebecca Whitman and husband Stephen Whitman. Story Line by artist Rebecca Whitman)

Sizes: 5x7in, 8.5x11in.

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5x7in, 8.5x11in