The Universal I AM Meditations – Vol.2

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The Universal I AM Meditations – Vol.2

In this wonderful series of meditations we use various spiritual resources to commune inwardly with the universal Source of our being, the Cosmic I AM of our Universe and the Individualized Source of our Existence, the Individualized I AM Presence, both the Mother aspect and the Father aspect. Absolute Intentional Communication is the key. Restoring the seeming disconnect, we experience a restoration through a release of spiritual resources and Universal Consciousness through Divine Equilibrium available to us and through us, in the sacred silence.

1. Universal IAM Meditation – 12:30
2. Universal IAM Meditation – 13:18
3. Universal IAM Meditation – 10:09
4. Universal IAM Meditation – 11:57
5. Universal IAM Meditation – 11:23

Total Run Time: 59mins

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