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The UNITED STATES of AMERICA ~ Sacred Geometry
50 Meditation Videos ready to download to your mobile devices.

We present to you 50 individual videos of 1:50 minute each, of the 50 States were designed for meditation and contemplation, anytime, anywhere. 

Before any manifestation is to occur, first a Sacred Geometry is created. Inherent within each Geometry is its Original Intent, Destiny, Divine Plan, and the Perfect Unfoldment of its Purpose and Fulfillment. As duality consciousness of our present world has created much “imperfection”, we are encouraged to return to any original Sacred Geometry on a regular basis to reconnect with the Perfection and Purpose. By focusing on a Geometry for one minute to three minutes, we are supporting the unfoldment of the Truth of all Sacred Geometry in our being and world.

“If you receive the Sacred Geometry of some Truth, this is the fastest way to get this Truth actualized in your life. Looking at a Geometry feeds it with your God Energy, and it returns all Energy back into the world.” ~Arcaseus~ Together, we participate in the Resurrection of America by our focus and attention upon America’s Sacred Geometry.

We are grateful to the Mighty Arceus for their Love and illumination.