Vitamin Total E Formula, 60 softgels

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Total E ,60 softgels

Total E – The most complete Vitamin E formula

The E complex is an eight-member family, composed of eight closely related Vitamin E molecules: four tocopherols and four tocotrienols. Each member of the vitamin E complex has its own unique strengths, and even unique properties not shared with other E vitamers. If your “vitamin E” contains only alpha-tocpherol – or alpha tocopherol with token quantities of “mixed tocopherols” – you’re missing out on the benefits of the other vitamin E molecules. But more than that : studies show that unbalanced alpha-tocpherol supplementation actually depletes the body of the other members of the family, and can negate many of their benefits.

After just one month of supplementing with 400IU of alpha-tocopherol, peoples’ gamma-tocopherol levels reduced by two-thirds. It may take as much as two years for the ratio of alpha- and gamma-tocopherol to normalize after unbalanced alpha-tocopherol supplementation is stopped.

The tocotrienols’ unique chemical structure allow them to move around more freely in cell membranes. As a result, the tocotrienols are forty to sixty times more potent antioxidants than the tocopherols in biological membranes.

Total E is the first complete, full-spectrum, balanced E complex supplement in Canada, providing alpha-, beta-, gamma-, and delta- tocopherols and tocotrienos in a potency designed to create an excellent E complex profile. The formula also includes Coenzymes Q10, because this nutrient plays a vital role in “recharging” E vitamins to their active antioxidant form when they are deactivated in the battle against free radicals.

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